Great Selection of Men’s and Women’s Leather Jackets Available This Week

leatherjacketsIf you are looking for a great leather jacket that won’t break the bank, you will want to visit Dave at the market this Sunday.  Dave is our resident watch repair/sales expert, and is now also selling quality leather coats and jackets for men and women.  He has dozens to choose from, and they are all in excellent condition, starting at the incredibly low price of only $10.

Dave is also the man to see if you need a new watch battery, a watch repair, or are interested in picking up a quality watch for yourself or as a gift.  Come see why Dave’s low prices, and excellent service keep his customers coming back week after week.


Portland Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market; a Special Place to Shop

 Picture 033Whether you are an avid coin collector, are crazy about  ephemera, or love to have an eclectic blend of treasures surrounding you, you’re sure to get hooked on the Portland Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market.  With over a hundred knowledgeable vendors, mostly collectors themselves, you’ll be able to find that special treasure that you just can’t find anywhere else. 

Ran by Don Lieurance Jr., the Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market is heading into it’s third year, and boasts a very large crowd of consistent regulars.  The vendors are great about constantly turning over their inventory, so no two Sundays at the market are ever the same.   You will see more old toys, artwork, fine collectibles, old clocks, tube radios, and fine antiques than you know what to do with, all in one place.  The vendors are friendly, and always ready to tell you the history behind their wonderful treasures.  We also have a cafe, where you can get a hot breakfast or lunch, and don’t forget to visit Frank, our resident produce man, with his year around selection of beautiful fruits and vegetables at super low prices.

The market is more than just a place to find great antiques and collectibles.  It’s also very social, and the regular customers are as much a part of the atmosphere that makes this flea market special as the vendors themselves.  Everybody knows everybody, and it’s as common for people to come just for a cup of coffee with friends, as it is just to shop.  We even have some four legged friends that join us every week, since we welcome well behaved, leashed dogs who enjoy antiquing with their owners.

Whatever you are looking for, you’ll probably find it at the Portland Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market.  Yet even if you don’t find it, you’ll definitely have fun searching.  Just be careful if you haven’t yet been bitten by the collecting bug because our flea market can be downright addictive!

Featured Vendor, Yvonne

Picture 038Yvonne is a successful entrepreneur, and her experience with running her own shop shows in her excellent taste in jewelry, glass, and fun vintage items.  She’s always smiling, and her upbeat personality combined with her fair prices, keeps the customers coming back.  You can count on Yvonne having a large selection of silver, fine, and collectible jewelry, always in excellent condition, and much of it unique.  If you are a jewelry fanatic, you’ll love shopping at Yvonne’s booth.

Yvonne is also a favorite with glass collectors, as the pieces she chooses are often hard to find.  It’s isn’t unusual for her to have a piece of carnival glass, or a rare piece of Fenton, that even seasoned vendors have never seen the likes of.  With Yvonne’s prices generally running a third to half of list prices, glass collectors are able to treat themselves to treasures that might otherwise break the bank, which is why so many of our market’s regulars love her.

If you are interested in Yvonne’s collection of all things beautiful and vintage, you can reach her at 360-771-2422, or just drop by and find her any Sunday at the flea market.

Featured Vendor, Tracy

Picture 030Every Sunday, even before Tracy has put his tablecloth down, the crowd is already gathering around his booth. Everybody at the market knows that Tracy always has something new and interesting, and his in depth knowledge of his items makes just watching him unpack a learning experience. He educates shoppers about his antiques, as he brings them out one at a time, to present to his rapt audience. He often has Native American items, which, as he points out, are the genuine articles, actually used by the Natives themselves. He also deals in tools, knives, hunting and fishing items, old photos, old toys, and more. His motto is “anything old and unusual”, and he sticks to it, much to the delight of his regular customers. If you are looking for something extra special, definitely stop by Tracy’s booth, and you might leave with a treasured piece of history.

Tracy is always buying, as well as selling, when he’s not at the flea market. If you are interested in his items, or think you may have something he’d like to see, give him a call at 503-970-5439.